Diamond BWP

Diamond Grade –  Diamond grade plywood is our range of calibrated boiling waterproof (BWP) grade ply.


Technical Specifications

Product Data Table

Prescribed Test-ISI 303 Criteria Observed Value
Moisture Content(%) 5-15% 9.40
Not Specified 677
Glue Adhesion in Dry State Min 1350 Min 1370
Static Bending Strength(N/MM2)
- -
Parallel to Grain Min 40 61.6
Perpendicular to Grain Min 20 49.2
Tensile Strength(N/MM2)
- -
Parallel to Grain Not Specified 42.5
Perpendicular to Grain Not Specified 31.7

Diamond Grade –  Diamond grade plywood is our calibrated range of boiling waterproof (BWP) grade ply. They can endure prolonged water and moisture exposure. The timber content is the finest quality of Neem and Mahogany. The number of plies, pure resins and adhesives, and high-quality raw material gives it its strength. Comes with a warranty of 20 years.


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